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Welcome to Hedgerley Wood.

This is the new Hedgerley Wood site, dedicated to exploring empathy, in memory of Boo Armstrong. Its creators are Anuradha Vittachi and Peter Armstrong.

It is a space for images, writing, sound and videos that express empathy – both exploring it and putting it into action – building on the work of many friends and colleagues, at OneWorld and beyond.

We hope it will help educate and empower us all in our common quest to become good global citizens, through increasing the empathy with which we understand ourselves and others.



Clean Energy for All

clean energy

The most effective gamechanger in the struggle against dangerous climate change could turn out to be simple economics: the fact the renewable energy is fast becoming competitive with fossil fuels. In many countries it is only the high subsidies on fossil fuels that are keeping them artificially cheaper. But now that is changing…



Here are some of the kind of issues and people we’ve encountered and filmed over the years.

Feel free to comment on, contribute to and share what you find here.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more – empathy really is the bottom line. For me, the Simon Beaufoy piece is particularly compelling. -george helmer

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